I am a UI/UX designer

with a passion for designing fun and creative looking apps

Hello, I am Hayley

I have had a lifelong love for design and when I went to college I was shown so many ways in which I could be creative. This led me to The University for the Creative Arts where I received a BA (hons) in Graphic Communication. I have always loved learning new skills and being in very creative environments with likeminded people.

I am currently the only UI/UX designer at FSI (fm solutions), set within the Knowledge Group team where we come up with new app ideas for our clients to help their businesses run smoother.

Being the only UI/UX designer means I have to stay at the top of my game, absorbing as many trends and as much information as I can find to keep our apps looking slick and fresh, rather than old and clunky.

To say I have learnt and taught myself a lot here would be an understatement, but I have loved having the excuse for further personal development, becoming the designer I’d always dreamt I’d be.

I am currently really enjoying taking part in the Daily UI challenge and watching the 'Live UI/UX Design Challenges' on the Adobe YouTube channel. I love seeing the way different designers tackle a brief and finding new tips and tricks to make my processes work better.

Prior to working at FSI, I worked for The Sun Online as a digital designer. Alongside my day to day tasks of creating artwork and infographics for the website, I was also in a position to train and support our junior designers fresh from University. It was amazing to watch their confidence and skills grow from being really unsure of the programmes and what was needed from a brief, especially in a super fast paced environment, to being the first to pick up a brief and excelling at the artwork they were creating. It felt great to be a part of that.

I am a very passionate designer with over 8 years experience. I have flourished in both really fast environments with very short deadlines, and more relaxed environments with an abundance of time to come up with as many creative executions as I could. I have worked in print, web, advertising for online and print, and UI/UX design for mobile and desktop apps. I feel that this experience gives me a creative edge in everything I do.