Design challenge

A big part of being a designer is the curiosity you have to find out how things work, learn new skills and improve on existing ideas.

Everywhere you go you can become inspired. Go out for a meal and the restaurant might have some really nice decor or a questionably designed menu, go shopping and you might find some teabags in some very tactile packaging, go to the cinema and you may be inspired to design an interactive user interface that would make Tony Stark jealous.

As a designer you need to allow yourself the ability to grow and evolve. You need to stay open to new trends and ideas and accept that something that you think is either black or white can also be many shades in between. Just because you think you have the perfect approach or final design doesn’t mean you can’t be inspired by new ones.

The idea of becoming a better designer excites me. Finding an interesting concept on Behance, listening to a podcast, taking a new training course, reading a blog, learning some new software, honing a new design technique, the possibilities are endless.

I have just decided to take up a the Creative Market 30 day challenge to become a better designer and will be posting my journey to my Instagram page @hayleydevinedesigner. Join me and lets critique and compare our final results!